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Wilhelm Büchner Hochschule, Master of Science (M.Sc.)

This master’s program is designed for IT specialists, computer scientists, engineers, natural scientists, and economists who require background knowledge for implementing and managing IT services in managerial and executive positions.

Hochschule  Wilhelm Büchner Hochschule
Studienort  Pfungstadt, Hessen
Fachrichtung  Technik & Informatik, IT-Management
Abschluss  Master of Science (M.Sc.), postgradual

Fundamentals and Core Area: Quantitative Methods and Financial Mathematics, Project Management, Management Techniques, Organizational Development, Elective: (1 of 2) Corporate Management, Distributed Information Systems, Strategic Information Management, International Management and Intercultural Communication, Management of IT Projects and Quality, IT Innovation Management, IT Service Management, Collaboration Engineering Specialization (you choose two modules): IT Controlling, IT Security Management, Software Architecture and Concepts, E-Business Management Scientific Application and Project Studies: Business Research Methods, Specialization Elective (in one of the chosen modules), Project Work Master's Thesis

ECTS  120 ECTS-Punkte werden erworben

ZFUDie staatliche Zentralstelle für Fernunterricht (ZFU) hat den Fernstudiengang IT Management - international unter der Nummer 166318c zugelassen.

Unterrichtssprache  Englisch
Dauer  4 Semester
Lernaufwand  20 Stunden wöchentlich
Immatrikulation  jederzeit
Kosten  3224 EUR pro Semester
Mehr Infos  http://www.wb-fernstudium.de


This course is suited to graduates of six-semester bachelor\'s courses (180 ECTS credit points) of economics, industrial engineering, and related subjects with at least one year of professional experience, sound knowledge of English.

If you wish to study at a German university, your highest qualification has to be recognized here in Germany. It is therefore necessary to ascertain whether this qualification is equivalent to a German qualification that entitles you to complete a master’s or other degree course at a German university. For our international master’s degree courses, we would look at your most recent bachelor’s degree. We will examine your documents during the enrollment process. We ask that you submit a résumé and an officially attested copy of your highest qualification alongside your registration form.

MSc in IT Management

IT managers work in companies at the interface between business and information-technology processes. They plan, steer, and monitor company IT, including its allocated resources, thus helping to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the enterprise. Moreover, they are in a position to evaluate modern information technologies and show where they can be of benefit in the design and optimization of the value creation process, whether locally or in an international business environment.

This master’s program is designed for IT specialists, computer scientists, engineers, natural scientists, and economists who require background knowledge for implementing and managing IT services in managerial and executive positions. In this program you gain the expertise and competences you need to successfully master organizational tasks. Implementation of the measures that result from your work will be cost-efficient and effective. As a graduate, you will be able to formulate and put into practice an IT strategy based on company goals and business processes. As an IT manager in your firm, you are the vital link between IT and business policies.

Therefore, our course of studies offers you the management skills and the expertise you need to plan and develop modern IT architectures. You gain the knowledge required in the subdisciplines relevant to IT environments and you develop the soft skills necessary in order to feel comfortable in executive positions and project management. Your expertise and management skills also form an excellent basis for a position in business consulting. With this master’s degree you are also eligible for senior civil service positions and for admission to Ph.D. programs.

The level of innovation in IT and in processes supported by information systems is extremely high. The IT Management master’s degree course readies you for a wide range of possibilities and provides excellent long-term perspectives at home and in the international job market.


Your Syllabus

Fundamentals and Core Area 60 credits

Quantitative Methods and Financial Mathematics 6 credits
Project Management and Management Techniques 6 credits
Organizational Development 6 credits
Electiv: (1 of 2)
Corporate Management 6 credits
Distributed Information Systems 6 credits

Core Area
Strategic Information Management 6 credits
International Management and Intercultural Communication 6 credits
Management of IT Projects and Quality 6 credits
IT Innovation Management 6 credits
IT Service Management 6 credits
Collaboration Engineering 6 credits

Specialization and Application 60 credits

Specialization (You choose two modules)
IT Controlling 6 credits
IT Security Management 6 credits
Software Architecture and Concepts 6 credits
E-Business Management 6 credits

Scientific Application and Project Studies
Business Research Methods 6 credits
Specialization Elective
(in one of the choosen modules) 6 credits
Project Work 6 credits

Master\'s Thesis
Master\'s Thesis and Virtual Oral Examination 30 credits

Total 120 credits

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